Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Laser Shock Processing Lab

Spectra Physics Quanta Ray Pro 350
   High energy Nd:YAG
   10 Hz
   2.5 J per pulse at 1064 nm
   1.1 J per pulse at 532 nm
   0.6 J per pulse at 355 nm
Industrial robot ABB
Water confinement jet

Laser Microfabrication Lab

UV ns Micromachining laser station ML-100

Spectra Physics HIPPO DPSS Nd:YVO4 355 nm
Pulse-width ~15 ns
15-300 kHz
   5 W @ 50 kHz                                                                          
   Fix lens head, processing gas avaliable   
Excimer ATL Laser Lasertechnik SP300i KrF excimer  248 nm
   Pulse-width ~7 ns
   300 Hz
   5W @ 300 Hz
  Mask projection
XYZ, rotation and tilt stages
Vision system TTL.                    

UV ns/ps (quasi-CW) Micromachining laser station AB200

Spectra Physics Pulseo DPSS Nd:YVO4
   1Hz-400 kHz
   20 W @100 kHz
   pulse-width <20 ns 
Spectra Physics Vanguard DPSS Nd:YVO4
   80 MHz
   Power 2.5 W
   pulse-width <10 ps
Positioning system with 6 DOF
Vision system TTL
Fix lens head
Scanner head
XYZ linear stages  rotation and tilt stages

ps Laser Lab

INNOLAS / Lumera Superapid. DPSS Nd:YVO4  1064 nm / 532 nm /355 nm
   Pulse-width ~8 ps
   18W @1064 nm
   8W @ 532 nm
   4W @ 355 nm
Fixed lens head with processing gas
Scanner Head (all wavelenghts)
XYZ stage (430x555x127mm)
Vision system for sample alignment. 

Laser Surface Treatments & Welding Lab 

Rofin-Sinar 3 CW Nd:YAG 3300 W
Industrial robot ABB IRB 4400
Optical fiber and cutting and welding processing heads
Hybrid welding head
Powder feder and Laser Cladding Head

Remote Welding Lab

Rofin-RWS CW CO2 3000W Scanner High length focal
Working area 1500 mm x 1500 mm

Laser heat treatment processes Lab 

Rofin Dilas DL027S 808 & 940 nm CW laser 2700W
   Fiber coupled
   Cilindrical focusing lens
DirectPhotonics DirectBond 800 808nm CW laser. 60W
   Fiber coupled
XY Cartesian industrial positioning system
Heating table (up to 750 °) 

Laser Marking Lab

Trumpf Vectormark Compact Nd:YAG
Rotatory axis

Raycus RLF-P20QE Pulsed Yterbium Fiber Laser
   Wavelength 1060~1085 nm
   Pulse duration < 120 ns  
   30-60 kHz

Appolo Hub Lab

Two test benches for laser systems manufactured by Mondragón Assembly for the UPM Laser Center within the FP7 Appolo project. These benches allow mounting all types of vision and control positioning systems for laser processes. 

Bench 1: 

EKSPLA Atlantic laser in ps (60 W) with IR, VIS and UV emission    
Optical system with scanners or fixed lens for the three laser wavelengths

Bench 2: LIFT processes and curing of metallic pastes 

Spectra Physics Explorer DPSS Nd:YVO4 532 nm
   2 W @ 50 kHz
   Pulse duration: 15 ns
   Pulse frequency: 20-150 kHz
   Energy attenuator
   Beam shaper (piShaper) for 532 nm
Spectra Physics Millennia DPSS Nd:YVO4 532 nm CW - 5 W    
Spectra Physics Navigator X15SC
   1064 nm
   Pulse duration: 20ns
   Pulse frequency: 15-100kHz
XYZ stages
Distance control between donor and acceptor substrate for the LIFT process.

LIFT process parameterization Lab

Spectra Physics HIPPO. DPSS Nd:YVO4
   355 nm
      Pulse-width ~15 ns
      15-300 kHz
      5 W @ 50 kHz
   532 nm
      Pulse-width ~15 ns
      15-300 kHz
      11W @ 50 kHz
Fix optics / Scanner
High speed, high resolution imaging platform (25 ns resolution) for LIFT transfer imaging.

Laser Bioprinting Lab

BA-LIFT machine Innofluence Start-up
   5-axis system for independent positioning of donor (3 axis, 2 for positioning and 1 for focusing) and acceptor (2 axis)
   Automatic attenuator (software controlled)
   Two cameras (fluorescence detector and conventional image)
   Software for cell detection and single cell transference 
   Crylas FTSS355-Q4 Nd:YAG
      355 nm
      Pulse Width < 1.3 ns
      1 - 1000 Hz
      42 mW @ 1 kHz
Biological safety cabinet Nuaire NU543600E
Centrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8
Incubator Thermo Scientific MIDI 40
Hot Water Bath Fishherbrand FSGPD05

Mechanical Characterization Lab

Tribometer pin on disk Microtest
Hole-drilling residual stress testing equipment
Fatigue Testing Machine MTS 810
Corrosion test equipment

Microscopy Lab

Scanning electron microspe Hitachi 3000N  SEM + EDX microanalysis
   Magnification x15-300K
   EDX: working distance 15 mm.
   X-ray take-off angel (TOA) 35°
Interferometric and confocal microscope Leica DCM 3D
   Objectives from 5× up to 100× in confocal 

PV Characterization Lab

Electrical Characterization System
Arc Xe Lamp Housings 300 watt.                                
   Keithley Model 2400 sourceMeter
   Dark box for dark Current-Voltage measurements.
Raman Microscope Renishaw inVia
   Ar ion laser (514.5nm)
   5X, 20X, 50X, 100X objectives.
   Motorized XYZ Stage
   Digital camera.

LIFT processes Characterization Lab

Ink/Paste deposit
Control Coater model 101 RK PrintCoat Instruments Ltd
   Spin Coater model WS-650 Laurent Technologies
Viscosity measurement 
   Viscometer Brookfield DV2T for low to medium viscosities
   Viscometer Cone & Plate  (Wells/Brookfiel HBDV-II Cone spindle CPE-52) for High viscosity pastes
System for Surface Tension measurement using the pendant drop method
Thickness measurement
   Optical Contact for fluid thickness measurement
   Precitec Interferometric System for Fluid thickness meassurement

Simulation and Modelling Lab

Workstations for simulations